Tim Murphey


Welcome to my site! Here you’ll find a lot of the pdfs and links to my academic articles, teaching videos, and books. This site continually co-constructs itself with student and teacher feedback and I welcome your comments about it (mits@kanda.kuis.ac.jp). Please tell me how it can be more useful to you.

When you are interested, have a look at my CV, up-coming presentations below, and....  enjoy yourself! !! 

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coming presentations:2012

  1. 10/20 KOTESOL South

  2. 11/1-4 FEELTA (Russia - Plenary)

  3. 11/9 International University of Japan

  4. 12/15 Iwate University Japan

  5. 2013-Presentations...

  1. 1/19 KUIS Graduate School

  2. 1/27 English Teachers Association Switzerland (ETAS) Plenary and Workshops

  3. February: Swiss Tour, University of Lausanne, etc.

  4. •3/4 University of Graz, Austria

  5. 3/16-19 AAAL Dallas Texas,

  6. 7/10 Yamaha Schools Teacher Training Presentation (Third year!)