We are not accepting applications from Privately Financed International Students for the 2010 (spring and fall semesters) academic year.
In recent years, capacity for the Japanese Language and Culture Program at Kanda University of International Studies has been almost full with exchange students from affiliated overseas universities. We will post the Application Procedures for your reference, but please understand the above situation.


Kanda University of International Studies (KUIS) is a private university in eastern Japan founded in 1987. Based on the belief that “Language is the foundation to link the world in peace,” the university is dedicated to developing individuals with the ability to communicate with people all over the world.
KUIS has six undergraduate departments: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, International Communication, and International Language and Culture. In addition, the graduate school offers two MA programs in English Linguistics and Japanese Linguistics and a PhD program in Language Sciences. A total of 3,300 students currently study at the university.
Since the founding of the university, KUIS has produced a large number of Japanese teachers by offering an undergraduate Language Pedagogy. With this background, the Japanese Language and Culture Program (BEKKA) was established in September 2000.

Participants in the program include those who wish to study about Japanese language and culture, as well as those who wish to enter a university in Japan. BEKKA also offers Japanese culture classes taught in English and corresponds to the Junior Year Abroad Program (JYA).


Japanese language instruction system based on current language learning theory and best practices.
Tutor system supported by KUIS students taking courses such as intercultural studies, Japanese language education, and a variety of foreign languages.
Class visitor system to promote deeper interpersonal exchange with Japanese students/people.
Mutual exchange with KUIS students studying various languages.
KUIS Monthly Living Expenses Support Scholarship.


Japanese Language and Culture Program (BEKKA) Guidebook
2009 BEKKA Course Description
2009 BEKKA Course Description<Elective Courses>


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